What is Low Vision:

Low vision is considered a loss of vision that cannot be corrected by ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery. A person that has been diagnosed with low vision usually has an extremely limited sight that interferes with daily activities, such as reading or driving. A person with low vision may not recognize images at a distance or be able to differentiate colors of similar tones. Low vision is not the same as Legal Blindness, Your are considered to be Legally Blind when the best corrected central acuity is less than 20/200 (perfect visual acuity is 20/20) in your better eye, or your side vision is narrowed to 20 degrees or less in your better eye. People who are legally blind may still have some useful vision, just like people who have low vision. If you are legally blind, you may qualify for certain government benefits.

Low Vision Specialist:

Patients that are diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa are often referred to a low-vision specialist. Low vision specialists are licensed doctors of optometry who are trained in the examination and management of patients with visual impairments. A few of them are ophthalmologists with additional training in low vision care. Their services do not offer a cure for the causes of low vision, but they do help the patient learn how to utilize their remaining vision to its fullest potential. Below is the current Low Vision Specialist in the state of New Mexico.

Dr. Dulce Walker
8205 Spain NE, Suite 207
Albuquerque, NM, 87109
Phone# (505) 453-4914
Fax# (505) 286-2244

Low Vision Aids:

Low vision aids are products designed to assist you in maintaining your independence through your vision loss process. Many low vision aids can maximize the use of any remaining vision you have and help you to achieve many tasks and activities independently. Below is a list of website that you can purchase low vision aids from:

National Federation Of The Blind

1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314
Fax: 410-685-5653

National Federation of The Blind provides helpful resources for coping with vision loss as well as a large selection of vision aids you can purchase from their online store or catalog.

Shop Low Vision

3030 Enterprise Court, Suite D
Vista, CA 92081-8358
Phone: 1-800-826-4200
Fax: 1-800-368-4111

Shop Low  Vision has a large selection of low vision aids available for purchase.

Local Resources:

New Mexico Commission for the Blind

2200 Yale Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: (505) 841-8844
Toll Free Telephone: (888) 513-7968
Website: www.cfb.state.nm

The Commission for the Blind provides services designed to enable persons who are blind to become fully participating, contributing members of society.

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program

435 St. Michael’s Drive, Building D
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Local Telephone: (505) 954-8539
Toll Free Telephone: (800) 866-2253

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program offers free services to New Mexico residences with disabilities to help them get the technology services they need.

Related Online Resources:

Foundation Fighting Blindness

11435 Cronhill Drive,
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: (800) 683-5555 

American Foundation For The Blind

11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 502-7600
Fax: (212) 502-7777

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) refers to a group of inherited diseases causing retinal degeneration. The retina lines the back inside wall of the eye and is responsible for capturing images from the visual field. People with RP experience a gradual decline in their vision because photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) die.

Learn More About Retinitis Pigmentosa

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